This information was obtained from the Barham & District Horticultural Society website.

Calendar of Events for the Society - 2021

Please Note: All events take place in Barham Village Hall at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated. Final dates and times might change.
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Wednesday 10th
February 7:30pm
Mercy Morris "Indoor Plants"
This was cancelled last January Mercy holds the National Collection of spider plants. Her home is full of house plants and is open to visitors through the National Garden Scheme.
Via Zoom
Wednesday 3rd
Martin Newcombe' "Pests and Friends"
Runs an ecological consultancy. He specialises in wildlife, the countryside and the environment.
Via Zoom
Monday 12th
Danny Lerrigo "A very British Garden inc 'no dig'"
Danny is a hands on gardener specialising in topiary, examples of his work can be found all over the Country.
Via Zoom
Wednesday 12th
Maureen Rainey "Environmentally Friendly Edible Gardening"
Presented the Zoom on 'wild about gardens' Member of Kent Wildlife
Via Zoom

Then hopefully LIVE!

Wednesday 9th
Visit by car to Godinton House and Garden
Visit by car to Godinton House and Garden inc. tour of house and afternoon tea
Details to follow
Saturday 4th
Autumn show
Our Autumn show will be held on Saturday 4th September 2021, in Barham Village Hall, unless Covid 19 prevents us
Barham Village Hall  
Wednesday 6th
Chris Beardshaw "Painting with Plants"
Special evening by ticket only. Barham Village Hall at 7.30pm.
Tickets available from the Village Shop (only a few left).
Barham Village Hall  
Friday 12th
Chris Lane "National Plant collections"
Chris holds the national collections of Hamamelis, wisteria and prunus
Kingston Barn  

Please note Visits can only be booked using the Society's visit booking forms