This information was obtained from the Barham & District Horticultural Society website.


Dahlia Classification and Formation

Classification groupings information on the National Dahlia Society website:
Dahlia Classification and Formation


The illustrations below are the different categories of dahlias. This has been produced to help you enter your exhibits in the correct categories for shows.

If you would like more clarification please contact us online or call us.

PDF versions available for saving or printing.
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With thanks to Dahlia's by Naomi Slade

Waterlily Dahlia
Single-Flowered Dahlia
Star Dahlia
Anemone-Flowered Dahlia
Ball and Pompon Dahlia
Cactus & Semi-cactus Dahlia
Collerette Dahlia
Decorative Dahlia
Double Orchid Dahlia
Fimbriated or Laciniated Dahlia
Peony Dahlia
Stellar Dahlia




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